About Home Care IT’s Home Care Agency Software

Home Care IT is software solution for non-medical home care or personal care agencies.  It’s a feature-rich, web-based, home care management software product that consolidates and simplifies many of the important tasks required for the management of a home care agency.

The service was launched in 2008 by IT Resources as the first web-based product for the non-medical home care industry.

For the first time, small, medium, and large home care agencies could use the Internet to access an enterprise-class product at affordable subscription rates.

With Home Care IT, the previously under-served segment of the non-medical caregiver market now benefits from powerful software that dramatically reduces administrative time, costs, and errors. The system is easy-to-learn, well-organized, and user-friendly.

Home Care IT serves agencies with under twenty-five clients to those with more than three thousand clients. It scales with you as your business grows.  To learn more about Home Care IT and to find out how our software can help your agency grow contact us.  You can request information on our contact page webform, interact with our chat, call us, or request a demo.  We’re here to help you and look forward to hearing from you today.