Advantages of Home Care IT

  • Scheduling

    With Home Care IT, you will prevent scheduling conflicts, handle service interruptions, and make substitutions easily. The system maintains a permanent backward and forward view of schedules, and allows you to send schedules to aides individually or in bulk quickly via email. Aides can check their schedules with their SmartPhones. The Result: Fewer missed appointments and misunderstandings, and a higher achievement of revenue targets.

  • Payroll and Billing

    Payroll and billing are tightly integrated with scheduling and can be processed with just a few clicks. Compared to their prior business systems, this is where Home Care IT users see the greatest savings in time and money – as well as reduction in errors.

  • Telephony and Texting

    Thanks to fully integrated telephony, you get real-time views and alerts of aides’ progress throughout the day. With the Home Care IT telephony service, you can perform rolling verifications and prevent the crunch before payroll deadlines.

    Integrated texting lets you communicate quickly and easily with your aides in the field without interrupting your daily workflow, and keeps an electronic record of all communications. Because in home care, good communication is essential!

  • Aide Portal

    Accessing the aide portal through their Smart Phones, aides can check their schedules, view notes on their clients, see a checklist of tasks, and report the time and location of their arrivals and departures using their phones’ geo-positioning. They can record the tasks they have performed and obtain the client’s signature as visit verification.

  • Aide Management

    With Home Care IT, you can get reports on renewal dates for certifications, in-service training, medical tests, auto licenses and registrations, and more – to keep your workforce productive every day.

  • Online Records Storage

    If you’ve ever wanted to eliminate boxes of folders and paper, and live a less cluttered life, Home Care IT is your solution. It organizes all your data and information in one location and puts a stop to seemingly endless searches for information. What you need is now literally at your fingertips.

  • Lots of Options

    Take advantage of Home Care IT’s many features, including mileage calculations, paying for in-between time, address verification, invoice printing, customer relationship management (CRM), employment applications, care plans, and more. Use as few or as many features as you’d like. Home Care IT is highly configurable. It conforms to the way you do business – and to your stage of growth.

    Download the Home Care IT Brochure for more details.