Applicant Tracking and On-boarding

Home Care IT is pleased to announce that it has expanded its online employment application to include more in-depth applicant tracking and on-boarding. Now you can track the progress of your hiring from initial contact through interview, skills assessment, and paper work completion while keeping a detailed log of communication with your applicants, and you can send text messages to and receive messages from your applicants right in the application.

Once the tracking has been completed and you’re ready to hire, you can import all the employee data into the main Home Care IT system without having to re-type employee information.

A manager dashboard provides an overview of the hiring pipeline and an analysis of your recruiting sources to help you spend your advertising dollars more wisely.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

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Feature Article

Home Care and Employment Law

Recently there have been reports of class action lawsuits against home care agencies that were successful or were settled in the plaintiffs’ favor for not paying employees for the time it takes them to travel between clients.

The FLSA (Federal Fair Labor Standards Act) is unequivocal on this issue: home care aides who don’t have a base office, but travel from place to place are considered itinerant workers and as such the trip to their first assignment is considered a commute and does not need to be reimbursed. Similarly the trip home from the last client is considered a commute and you don’t have to reimburse them for that either; but for all the trips […]

Aide Portal

Aide Portal

Home Care IT is pleased to announce its Aide Portal.

Using the portal, aides can check their schedules for the day or the week from their Smart Phones, and optionally they can check in and out of the clients’ homes with GPS Location Services to create EVV records in Home Care IT.

In addition, they can check off items from tasks lists and obtain clients’ signatures for visit verification.

Using the portal for visit verification saves money over telephony costs, and allows for same or next day visit verification for payroll and billing. “Rolling” verification relieves the crunch at payroll deadline time, and with our auto-verification process, 75% of visits can be automatically verified.

Paid Leave

Home Care IT has implemented earned leave in its payroll module.

Now customers can record and pay for earned leave (vacations, personal days, etc.) for their employees.

Earned Sick Time

Home Care IT has implemented earned sick time for its customers.  Customers can configure their sick time policy,  see the earned time for each aide, and can choose to pay sick time within Home Care IT.  For customers paying variable rates for services, Home Care IT computes the applicable blended rate for sick time.