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Spring 2018 Newsletter

4/24/2018: This newsletter is brought to you by IT Resources. We hope you will enjoy timely information about the home care industry and our top-of-the-line home care software.  … [Read more…]


Aide Portal

Home Care IT is pleased to announce its Aide Portal. Using the portal aides can check their schedules for the day or the week from their Smart Phones, and optionally they can check in and out of the clients’ homes with GPS Location Services to create EVV records in Home Care IT. … [Read more…]


Paid Leave

Home Care IT has implemented earned leave in its payroll module. Now customers can record and pay for earned leave (vacations, personal days, etc.) for their employees. … [Read more…]


Sick Pay

Home Care IT has implemented earned sick time for its customers.  Customers can configure their sick time policy,  see the earned time for each aide, and can choose to pay sick time within Home Care IT.  … [Read more…]