Home Care IT Support

Home Care IT provides its Home Care Software customers with unlimited telephone, email, and electronic ticket support at no charge.  Why is this important?  When you sign up for a new software system, the last thing you want is to figure everything out on your own.  We’ve found that it is particularly true of home care agencies that are moving away from more manual systems or those with separate scheduling, billing, or payroll.

Even if your home care agency is already using another home care management system before you switch to Home Care IT, you will have the peace of mind knowing that our team will be there if you need support or have a question.


Our system is extremely straightforward to use, which makes the adoption of our software happen much more rapidly vs. other home care management systems.  Yet, each of our customers has their own particular needs.  EVV is an excellent example of that.   Each state has slightly different requirements, which means that the data transferred between your agency and the state  might require some fine-tuning.  If so, we know from experience that you will probably need a hand, and if you do, we’ll be there to help you get everything up and running quickly and smoothly.


Also worth noting is that we value customer input.  New features are  regularly added based on industry trends and incorporate many customer suggestions as Home Care IT continually evolves to serve the needs of its non-medical home care agency customers.

NOTE to Existing Home Care Customers: If you need to speak with our support team, the best place to find help, or request assistance is inside your application. There you will find helpful videos, chat, and more. Access from your login page here: https://homecareit.com/

You can also reset your password on the login page.

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